In my dreams I was laying in a sundrenched meadow

Juliana. Twenty-Three. Southern California. Lesbian. Unschooled/Homeschooled. Ravenclaw. Completely obsessed with space, psychology and existing. Decently obsessed with sign language and photography. Oh yeah, and Harry Potter :D

I like everything, but I love Yoga, Photography, Girls, Life, Colors, Love, Piercings, Harry Potter, Paint, Laughing, Sign Language, Thrift Stores, Lace, Bracelets, Tattoos, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Rain, Earth, Wind

I post a lot of pictures of inspiring quotes, beautiful girls, film pictures, things I find artistic, gifs from movies, and anything else I find particularly lovely.

I'm hopelessly optimistic about life and feel like I can accomplish anything.

All I'm really focused on these days is loving and living life, just remembering how precious it is. I feel like most people are too focused on power and money, while we should just be enjoying the little things.